Web Design for Bikes Plus Pensacola FL


Bikes Plus in Pensacola was looking for a website that was user friendly. It needed to be navigated with a simple scroll for the most part.

Bikes Plus did not what for users to have to jump from page to page to navigate their site.

  • Single Page Scroll Site
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Quick Access to Directions
  • One-Click Calling from Website


So at F9 Digital Media, we created a single scroll main page that would be easy to navigate by any age user.

The website was with menu anchors, so you could pick a link from the menu, and the website would automatically scroll to that section.

We have really enjoyed working with Bikes Plus stores in Pensacola, Florida. Here at F9 Digital, we look forward to watching them continue to expand and grow.

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