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F9 Digital Media has the best WordPress design and development team of any agency or company on the Emerald Coast.  We are located in Pensacola and we love to help local, small businesses harness the power of WordPress.  We have two types of WordPress clients. Clients that want a 100% custom design made from scratch, and clients that are ok with using a theme that we designed in house that is re-used and customized to fit their local brand. It really depends on your budget. A custom WordPress site is a little more expensive. The F9 Ready Made site that is customized to your needs is less expensive. We aim to be an affordable small business design agency.

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Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress is the most used website content management system in the world. Using WordPress for your web design will make your website easy to edit, easy to manage, and easy to support. For most small businesses WordPress is the perfect choice for your new website. When WordPress was first released people used it as a blogging platform, which was the original purpose of the software, but over time it has morphed into a system used by late and small businesses alike for Website Management.

Using WordPress will give you access to thousands of advanced features that can be added by installing a plugin. Most plugins have a free version so it is very economical for a small company to have big company functionality.  Almost anything you want to do on your website has been built in the form of an installable plugin. Our website developers have built our own set of plugins for our clients, and you can use them for free. (Get WordPress)

WordPress is updated constantly and continuously by the development community and it keeps getting better & better. From security patches to major upgrades, you will always have your website running on the best web software available for free.

Use WordPress for the Best Web Design

Most of the best websites on the internet are designed for and created on WordPress. Anything design we can dream up can be created in WordPress. From the simple to the very complex, the flexibility of WordPress makes it the right tool for your new, stunning website.

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Your Emerald Coast WordPress Experts.

Our Pensacola, FL web design agency specializes in WordPress for local businesses on the Emerald Coast that need professional help at a reasonable price. We draw on local and national talent to deliver amazing results that you can afford. We are part of a large digital marketing agency (Seota) that wins national awards for excellence.

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