How To Defend Yourself Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scams

How To Defend Yourself Against Coronavirus (Covid 19) Scams

In today’s ever-changing world we are focused on fresh news and updates that will help us understand the challenges that we are facing. We are focusing on how to remain calm and help others that are close to us. This current world pandemic has separated us from each other and just may have brought us closer together. That is the good news we are all looking for.

The not so good news is some scammers and individuals think this is a time to prey on your fears and confusion. We have enough to worry about than having to fear the hatred and greed of others.

In one example the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center has a great website that shows realtime data of all current Covid19 cases and outcomes. Although that is great information for all of us. It is also a roadmap for scammers to focus their attention on scamming and stealing your money and personal information by selling ready-made kits and spreading malware and spyware to anyone that opened the email.

We all have been seeing emails coming into our inbox about coronavirus and how companies are facing this challenge. Along with those types of emails, some emails are working there way around the web that is phishing for your private information. 

There have been more than 6000 domain names registered recently that are related to the coronavirus. The State of New York has asked domain registrars to help combat the scam and malicious websites.

There are a few ways you can help fight these scams and email phishing attacks.

  1. Advise your employees not to click on unknown attachments or URLs. Even if the URL looks legit, it may be making itself look legit when it is not.
  2. For individuals working from home, or homeschooling, you can do your part by making sure you don’t click on links or attachments that could have malware hidden in them. These can include but not limited to PDFs, MP3’s & MP4’s and DOCS. So be very cautious.

If you get emails for what appears to be from some agency or business, go directly to their website and don’t click the link for more information. Websites and links can very easily be spoofed and you may be opening pandora’s box.

Cybercriminals have no heart and prey on people, business during times of crisis. You can help fight back by being cautious of emails, phone calls, websites. 

Together we can fight this Covid 19 Pandemic and the Pandemic of cybercriminals from around the world.

Charles Knight
Staff Writer
f9 digital media 

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